Aluminum Profiles

Extruded aluminum profiles is a core product area for China Ease. We also offer other aluminum products, such as perforated or patterned plates, welding wires, cast items, etc, but the main business is extruded profiles.

Some customers buy profiles to be processed in their own production facility, and they will then usually be container lengths. Other customers prefer to move a larger part of the value chain to China and have the profiles processed as much as possible here, sometimes we even source complete products, where aluminum profiles only constitute a part of the product. This is taking full advantage of the cost reduction possibilities China offers.

China Ease has a large selection of suppliers, who have proven qualified to deliver to our customers through years of repeat business with them. The suppliers who did not match our requirements in the past have been blacklisted and are no longer considered for your orders. We regularly audit new, interesting suppliers to expand our options and keep prices down, but we will not place an order for you with an untested supplier unless you specifically request this.

The aluminum profile types that take up the main part of the business are 10µm silver anodized profiles, either processed or in container lengths. We recommend using 20µm anodizing for products that are to be used outside, and we only sell anodized aluminum from suppliers who have passed the 1000-hour salt fog test for durability and surface resistance.

We also source aluminum profiles that are anodized in special colors, powder coated, or sometimes electroplated. The surface can be normal, brushed, or polished. If you have any requirements that are not mentioned here, please let us know, and we will look into it right away.

Colored anodizing
Extruded profile
Extruded profile
Extruded profile
Powder coated alu
Perforated alu plate
Alu plate w/ pattern
Industrial packing
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