How We Operate

While no two sourcing projects are exactly the same, many of our most successful partnership projects combine the expertise of a number of parties. Through this team-oriented approach we have achieved some of the best work with our clients.

Our customers:

The primary source of expertise is always the customer. We do our best to work as much with you as possible. Who else knows best your needs are or how this product or products fit into your program. We listen to and understand our clients. We focus on their needs and build into our sourcing processes the key elements of success: pricing, quality and on-time delivery.

In-house knowledge:

China Ease has dealt with a wide range of products throughout its history with many different suppliers. We know the ins and outs of sourcing here in China and the specific strengths and weaknesses of suppliers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of sourcing your products in China. Through our own sourcing challenges we have gained a wealth of experience and information. While this experience comes in many industries we have broad and deep experience in the following areas: Aluminum, Glass, Mirrors, Picture Frames, Plastic and Rubber, and Steel.

Industry specific consultants:

Not all customers have in-depth expertise in the product they purchase. We can supplement their knowledge with the expertise of industry experts, either on a full-time, or on a part-time basis.

Pre-qualified factories:

Manufacturers themselves are a great source of additional expertise that can supplement the total knowledge needed for a successful sourcing program.

The combination of this product expertise means there is no item that is too difficult or too technical for us to handle.

Again while no two projects are exactly the same many begin with technical drawings, specifications, or a prototype to allow us to judge and evaluate your needs. From there we will approach a number of our pre-qualified suppliers and come back to you with your production options. Often this first part will also include the creation of samples to make sure that the supplier or suppliers thoroughly meet your needs and expectations. If you are happy with the initial results full production can move forward.

We make it a point to always do the right thing. We keep our commitments and do our best to meet your needs. You can expect us to be clear and upfront with you throughout the process and effectively communicate the advantages and challenges of sourcing from Chinese suppliers. We strive to constantly improve and demand the same from our customers and suppliers.

We look forward to working with you!

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