Picture Frames
China Ease aims to be the preferred sourcing partner for picture frames from China to Europe. Through sourcing basically all types of frames in all quality/price levels for many years, China Ease has accumulated experience and a large range of suppliers to be able to offer exactly what you're looking for - at a better price. We mainly source the below:
  • Aluminum - anodized (optional brushed) or powder coated
  • PE - natural or coated with film or alu foil
  • Wood - natural or painted
  • All shapes and designs possible
Surface treatment:
  • Painted (mainly black, white, gold, silver)
  • PE can be coated with film to imitate almost any look
  • PE and wood can be wrapped in brushed alu foil
  • Wood can have carved patterns or receive "damaged" treatment for a rustique look
  • 2 mm regular or anti-reflection glass on smaller frames
  • Plexiglass in larger frames for safety and lower weight
Inlay paper:
  • Your own design
If you are missing some options in the above, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will look into it right away.
Alu frames
Alu frames
PS frame
PS frame
Frame styles
Frame styles
Frame styles
Frame styles
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